Wednesday 8 March 2017

Why is this important?

10% of adults and 30% of older adults (65+) suffer from chronic breathlessness. It’s a symptom that is a strong predictor for admission to hospital and premature death. Do these people know they are breathless, or have they just stopped moving to avoid it? How would we know and do we ask?

What will this session cover?

This session will focus on the person suffering from daily disabling breathlessness. We will first explore how to safely assess a patient, determining whether at the time you see them they are having an acute event and then what you need to do to decide whether they can be looked after in the community or at home. The session will look at the systems, processes, knowledge and necessary tools required to ensure that people with chronic breathlessness are both accurately and completely diagnosed ensuring regular review so that therapies are effective and safe. What do we do when the causes of breathlessness are optimised - how should we then manage a patient who feels that they are breathless if this is objectively not the case, or who is breathless but their condition cannot be further optimised? What do we know now and where is recent research taking us?”

Learning outcomes

  • Feel more confident in doing a comprehensive assessment of breathlessness
  • Know how to work with people who are breathless when there are multiple causes and choices
  • Know when the patient needs input from a specialty other than the disease-specific team, for example palliative care

 Extra features

  • The webinar will also include a dedicated Q&A session and links to helpful resources
  • The webinar fee includes 30 day on-demand access to the video recording and presentation slides
  • Booking this webinar will give you a 20% discount for BMJ Learning

Individual fee: £35 

Course Details

Date: Wednesday 8 March 2017

Start Time: 8pm

End Time: 9pm

Audience: GPs (all grades)

Location: Webinar

Course Benefits:

CPD Certificate of participation

30 day access to webinar recording

Includes speaker presentation slides

Flexible distance learning

Watch in your own time

Dr Noel Baxter :

GP, NHS Southwark

Noel is a GP in southeast London and a clinical commissioner for NHS Southwark. He has been a champion for respiratory services in Lambeth and Southwark since 2007. He co-led the NHS London Respiratory Team 2010-13, is currently a member of the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS-UK) executive and their London regional lead. He is currently delivering a project for the London clinical senate “ Helping smokers quit” and is a member of the London respiratory network. His current work involves the development of pathways for structured assessment and management of breathlessness and cough.