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Launched in 2007, BMJ Masterclasses are a series of one and two-day clinical and non-clinical update courses and live, interactive webinars to help busy doctors and nurses keep up to date with the latest evidence-based medicine, new guidelines and best practice in a range of important primary and secondary care topics.

Over the last ten years, more than 24,000 GPs, physicians and nurses have trusted BMJ Masterclasses to keep them up to date in locations across the UK and other parts of the world.

Our case-based, peer reviewed courses are delivered by expert speakers to ensure you receive quality updates that will help you make significant improvements to your practical skills, clinical knowledge, practice management and patient outcomes. You’ll earn a number of CPD points at each course to count towards your annual appraisal and revalidation, and have the rare opportunity to get your questions answered by the leading clinical speakers.

Programmes are developed in association with a dedicated editorial team of doctors and leading BMJ Journals, and are continually updated in response to recent changes and delegate feedback. All attendees receive comprehensive course materials that they can keep referring back to for months to come.

Our courses & webinars

BMJ Masterclasses GP General Update

GP General Update

These two-day courses are designed for GPs of all grades, helping you keep up-to-date with the latest evidence, new guidelines and best practice in 12 key clinical topics of primary care.

6 CPD credits per day

BMJ Masterclasses Physicians General Update

Physicians General Update

Aimed at the busy hospital doctor, this practical and interactive one-day course is designed to bring you up-to-date on a broad range of conditions you are likely to encounter on-call, on the wards or in your outpatient clinics.

6 CPD credits

BMJ Masterclasses Non-Clinical Courses

Non-Clinical Courses

In response to an increasingly competitive and highly pressured medical workplace, our new non-clinical events aim to help clinicians develop their effectiveness, efficiency and management skills. The events will combine informative briefings and sharing of good practice with breakout sessions, to make them as interactive and practical as possible.

6 CPD credits

BMJ Masterclasses GP Webinars

GP Webinars

BMJ Masterclasses webinars are a series of one-hour online learning events, accessible from your home, practice or on the move. Available live and on-demand, our webinars are a convenient and flexible way of keeping up to date with the latest evidence, new guidelines and best practice in important clinical areas. Covering a wide range of topics in primary care, our webinars will provide you with easy access to our expert speakers and allow you to keep up to date at your own pace.

1 CPD credit

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