Added Benefits of attending a Masterclass

BMJ Masterclasses offer more than just presentations on the day. We include a range of complimentary tools to help prepare you for your next appraisal and revalidation:

Comprehensive Course Handbook (GP General Update only): written by a pool of clinical experts, together with our speakers, to ensure you can access the latest evidence and guidelines in one place. The chapters complement the speakers’ presentations so you can continue to learn and refer to the handbook in your practice.

Track your learning: you will receive a detailed form to help you reflect on each of the sessions, and identify take home messages together with ways that you would like to change your practice.

BMJ Best Practice subscription: your course fee also includes 6 months’ complimentary access to BMJ Best Practice, your online second opinion at the point of care.

You will also earn 6 CPD credits per day by attending each event and can potentially double these credits if you can prove your learning has had an impact on your practice and patients.

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